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About Us

We Understand What Matters to Students and Teachers.

Scholarcade is a team of passionate teachers, learners, and video gamers. This composition of backgrounds uniquely positions us to empathize with both student and teacher needs.

Our Mission

In the increasingly digital landscape, students require more engaging and immersive methods to hold their attention. Our focus is on creating tools that reflect this new era of education by understanding what makes students excited versus what makes them yawn.

Students use their phones — a lot. They care about social media, points, badges, and competition, and more importantly, forging their own paths in games. Their default behavior tells us everything we need to know to reshape our educational methodologies; we simply need to observe and listen.

Our flagship product, Spywatch Lex, is a game before anything else. More specifically, it's a supplemental language learning game. We seamlessly blend the language practice into a thin layer within a compelling spy adventure. The student practices the language as a means to solve missions, not as a means to complete homework.

By design, we separate out anything that feels like school or homework from the game into the companion teacher dashboard. Performance indicators are translated for the student into familiar game elements such as "XP" (leveling up), badges, abilities, and more. This way, the student feels like they're playing a familiar game while the teacher measures their progress based on ACTFL standards.

Founder Background

In 2008, I had an opportunity to learn Mandarin at a separate vocational high school. Struggling with Spanish at the time, I was hesitant to try Mandarin but needed to satisfy my language requirement. I tried a class audit. The teacher’s use of innovative methods helped me discover my passion for languages and learn Mandarin to advanced proficiency.

Learning Mandarin expanded my worldview and appreciation for other cultures. Wanting to impart the benefits of languages on students in the US, I emulated my Mandarin teacher’s interactive methods at programs like the YMCA, Junior Achievement, and schools in the northeast, and had moderate success. Students still needed more immersive supplemental material.

Over time, I realized I needed to evolve my methods to engage students in mediums they’re already interested in— so I founded Scholarcade, a company dedicated to creating interactive games to engage students differently. Our team has launched Quest 1​ of the game and both educational and student interest results have been promising.